Venus And Apollo -  The Original portable halogen vaporizer


Venus Apollo Vaporizer Limited pre-release Prototype

Now a unique item of Venus Apollo prototype series. This was the last version before the release. Made in summer 2015. It differs from published Apollo in a few paragraphs. It does not have a vibration motor, so the unit does not give vibration feedbacks, and the control characteristics are also limited by the preheating adjustment, i.e. the corresponding adjustments to our very popular Venus steam generator. Also a few external details are different, there are no logos or keystrokes on the device's touch pad, and even the normally-visible thermal shield on the back of the battery shines with its absence. The rear panel does not have an extra air intake. And of course the real Apollo has lots of other refinements that are absent from older prototype.


The devices are therefore functional prototype models that have a prototype feel, but on the other hand, these are unique.

The devices are supplied fully equipped with battery, charger and instruction manual. 

Now it is a great opportunity to acquire a specialty vaporizer, which is the ancestor of the well-known Venus Apollo.

No Warranty

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