Venus And Apollo -  The Original portable halogen vaporizer

Apollo 3

  • Venus Apollo 3 is a unique vaporizer which uses 50W halogen heating technology normally available only on the most expensive desktop units but still maintains a portable form.

    updated 3 version of the popular Apollo model featuring:
    - New protected and adjustable herb chamber always included
    - easy to use without danger of touching hot parts
    - Handling the chamber is now very easy, thanks to the added comfort of the protection handle.

    Vapor quality, density, and taste are something our customers often praise.

    The most powerful cooling unit in the industry, for smooth and cool vapors that are easy for your lungs, always included in the package.

    long battery life and user replaceable batteries

    For complete list of features, check the page APOLLO DETAILS

    The new updates to Apollo, cooling unit and the protected and adjustable chamber take Apollo to another orbit and beyond. It improves vapor quality, comfort, safety and effect so much that it takes the Apollo has surely earned it's new name, Apollo 3.

  • Length: 142 mm / 5.6" 
    Width: 65mm / 2.5"
    Thickness: 28mm / 1.1"
    Weight with batteries: 300 g
  • Venus Apollo Vaporizer
    2 x 18650 High Power Li-Ion batteries
    1 x Protected v3 Herb Chamber
    1 x Glass tube
  • USB powered Battery Charger
    Instructions manual

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