Venus And Apollo -  The Original portable halogen vaporizer

How to choose your model?

September 28, 2017

How to choose your model?

Apollo - Powerful portable vaporizer

Apollo is the clear answer if you have any wish to carry a vaporizer with you, as it is the real portable one. We installed the same heating technology as in our desktop models to the Apollo, and the result is a portable vaporizer with the taste and performance of the best desktop vaporizers. 

You can have basically unlimited runtime as the batteries can be quickly replaced so you can have multiple batteries when on the road. Lastly, thanks to the halogen heating technology and the most powerful vapor cooling unit available as an accessory, the Apollo delivers possibly the smoothest and most effective vapors you've ever experienced.

Helios - High performance halogen desktop vaporizer

If you are using your vaporizer mainly at home and usually in the same place, we recommend you to get the Helios. The glass top features a vapor light to visualize the strong vapors dancing inside the glass and creates a very enjoyable experience when vaping. It adds both atmosphere and also gives useful visual feedback as you vape.

Helios doesn't have batteries, so you need to use the included ac/dc adapter always when you use it. 

Venus - The portable desktop vaporizer

If you'd like to have a similar desktop vaporizer as the Helios, but enjoy the wireless operation and freedom to take it easily around with you, then the Venus is the answer.

We enjoy the freedom to take it to the couch, kitchen table, bedroom, even to the sauna..wherever you wish to vaporize at anytime without the need to carry any power adaters and cables with you.

It has very strong integrated LiFePo4-batteries that charge quickly and deliver all the power needed for many sessions and recharge quickly. It can also be used plugged in.

Whichever you choose, we are confident you'll be satisfied.

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September 28, 2017

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