Venus And Apollo -  The Original portable halogen vaporizer


November 17, 2017


Capacitive touch buttons unresponsive?

If you are having troubles getting the vaporizer to start or react to button presses, please re-calibrate the capacitive touch sensing. Each time when the batteries are inserted, Apollo goes trough a calibration process to determine the baseline of the capacitive touch sensing.

If during this time something touches the buttons area, the calibration will not work and thus buttons don't respond correctly. Make sure that the couple seconds it takes after the insertion of batteries to calibrate everything the touch are is free of any interference.


Vapor is too strong / combustion taste from beginning:

The ideal settings depend a lot of the chosen herbal material, and the environment where the vaporizer is used. In case you feel that from the first draws the vaporizer is too hot or you'd like to start with milder vapors, it is recommended to reduce the heat up period. 

Apollo doesn't have any temperature sensors, heating is based on the power level and time. During heat up the heating element is at maximum power and the adjustable heat up time determines the final temperature at the end of the heating.

Remember that if the vaporizer is still hot from the previous session, running the normal heat up period will result in a higher temperature. In these situations you can just manually stop the heat up by holding the boost button during the heat up period.

So in case you would like to have lower temperature at the start of the session, you can adjust the heat up period.